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The Tom Price Desert Classic, a/k/a the Desert Classic, a/k/a TPDC, is a rock band from Seattle, Washington. They are Joe Kilbourne on bass, Martin Bland on drums, Tom Price on vocals and guitar, and Don Blackstone on guitar. They used to be in the Derelicts, Lubricated Goat, the Monkeywrench, the U-Men, and Gas Huffer. Matt Wright is an auxiliary member/advisor.

Says singer Price: "We like to keep it kind of loud and sloppy. We don't practice very often. I guess it's sort of a swampy sound, but whatever. The real struggle is to express what you need to express while still being at least somewhat entertaining. You don't want to be a chore to listen to."

The TPDC has released a (long sold-out) 7" single, "She Ran" b/w "Helldive to Victory", and, in 2014 they put out the album HELL, which is available on vinyl LP via Sub Pop mail order. It will eventually be released digitally. They hope to release a couple more singles and another album before giving up the ghost.

They don't have the means to tour but play regularly around the Northwestern USA. Says Price: "I'm sorry, we'll probably never make it to your hometown, but if you're ever anywhere near Seattle, look for us, we'll probably be playing a dive bar somewhere."

Despite their limited range, the TPDC is part of a worldwide subcultural imperative fueled by a vague notion that it's important for humans to continue making hard-edged music on real instruments. If you, too, are part of this problem, they offer you a smile and best wishes for a good day.



Vocals, Guitar : Tom Price
Bass: Joe Kilbourne
Drums: Martin Bland
Guitar: Don Blackstone

Previous formations:
Guitar, Vocals: Tom Price
Bass: Joe Kilbourne
Drums: Martin Bland
Guitar: Don Blackstone
Organ, Harmonica: Matt Wright


"their names sound familiar !?!"

Tom Price
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the New Original Sonic Sound
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Don Blackstone
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Martin Bland
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Matt Wright
 Gas Huffer
The Tom Price Desert Classic



Photos by Niffer Calderwood

Coming Up Tour Dates

January 16 Funhouse, Seattle WA

16/01/2016 19:07

26 February Royal Room, Seattle WA

16/01/2016 19:08
OK Hotel Family Reunion! Feb 25 Through Feb 28. The Tom Price Desert Classic will be playing this stellar line up on Friday, February 26. (Friday lineup: TPDC, Alchohol Funny Car, Coffin Break, Love Battery, Guardian Alien)